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Favorite Nobel Laureates

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    So there are now exactly 200 Nobel prize-winning physicists...

    Here is my top 10 -

    N Bohr
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    Andrew Mason

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    You might want to add Ernest Rutherford. Although he won for chemistry/"stamp collecting", his work was in physics.

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    What characteristics actually qualified them to be in your "top 10"? The size of their noses? The length of their hair? Or how adorable they were?

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    Yes indeed, and it was also difficult to leave out Born, Gell-Mann, Bardeen among others.

    I hope your other 30,532 posts are not quite so imbecilic.
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    No, some of them were worse. It depends on the level of the topic. I'm very adaptable.

    So you did not think my question was even with answering?

    We have had many people asking for "best physicist" etc., and the issue had always been what CRITERIA does one use to decide or judge such a thing. It seems that the list you made appear to be rather arbitrary if you do not include how you decide who to include.

    So was it?

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