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Favorite "one by one" movies?

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    Alien is a given. Relentless alien stalks isolated band of humans and they go down, one by one. (Quantity may vary, but it's the chipping away at the total that counts.)

    Got any you would recommend?
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    If Alien was mentioned, one should also mention Predator. They're very much the same film, in many respects.

    And here's a couple oddballs:

    'In order of disappearance'
    Here, the bumbling, yet determined hero does the chipping.

    'The cabin in the woods'
    Starts off with the traditional premise of ditzy teens being murdered one by one, and then goes completely off the rails. In a good way.
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    She: "He kills anyone with a weapon."

    Dutch: "Everybody put your guns down!"

    They all walk out safely.

    Cabin in the Woods:

    Loved it. New ending, something very rare for a 66 yo movie buff.
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    John Carpenter's The Thing is a great one.
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    You've got to be ..... kidding me!
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    Body Snatchers
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    Resident Evil....guilty pleasure.
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    Have you seen "Final Chapter"?
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