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Favorite physicist and why?

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    Tell me what do you think
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    Richard Feynman for his path integral formulation. Also Maxwell for his amazing equations.

    I do have a fetish for integrals (which most people studying mathematics at uni would consider it cute whereareas their doing abstract algebra and heavy proof work). I like proof work as well. Still going to consider a general physics degree over a mathematical physics degree.
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    Newton for his genius. Faraday for his ability share his discoveries with the world. Lise Meitner, because of what she achieved in spite of the constant obstacles she had to face.

    There are more favorites, but these are the ones that come to mind.

    Edit: For those that are living, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Hawking both come to mind.
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    Probably Feynman because of the way he communicated.
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    We have dozens of these threads already. Just look down at the "similar threads' list below this thread for a few of them.
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    The first on the "Similar Threads" list has this in it's "Similar Threads" list. ( :Dw/horns)
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