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Favorite Wine?

  1. Sep 7, 2003 #1
    This is for all you wine drinkers out there(there must be some folks over 25... hehe) I've been aquiring a taste for wine of late- my beer days are over. I've had my share of beer, and then some, but with age comes maturity(in other words I'm tired of the hangovers). And so I've been venturing to broaden my horizons and culture myself a bit.

    I'm a big fan of the entry level wines($8-20- no wine in a box, thank you). I've had some of the more refine wines, and I've had a smattering of the high end wines. though my tastebuds aren't attuned quite yet, I had this excellent glass of high end wine, and although I can't yet see a huge differnce between the low and the mid, this high end wine blew the others away- was a merlot, but unfortunately I didn't catch the name. But I was assured it was over $100.

    My favorite wine at the moment(granted my experience is limited) is blackstone, and I'm a big fan of merlots and cabernets. I'm currently enjoying a beringer(I know I know) merlot, and it's smooth, but by no means excellent. Fruity, with a pear vibe. Kendall Jackson makes an excellent white wine- 2000 preferred stock, but thier red wines are not quite as good- too rough for my taste. Too much tanic(acidic).

    Anyhow, what's your favorite wine? I'm looking for recommendations. there's a myriad of websites on this subject, but as there are as many wines as there are websites on the subject, I prefer personal recommendations- I've found those to be more reliable.
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    There is no such thing as a "bad" white zin.
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    haven't had a lot of white zinfindel.
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    mmm, dessert wines *drooool*

    but before getting that drunk i like a good reisling, merlot is also an old favourite i spose, i really like the newer sweet reislings, they are just divine.
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    i have heard that white zin is the "beginner" wine...

    not sure about elsewhere, but here in Oregon at Trader Joe's (sort of an alternative grocery store) they sell Charles Shaw for $3.00 a bottle...and it's not bad! it just so happens that there is an abundance of grapes to make this wine...
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    I like Gevrey-Chambertin and Vosne-Romaneé, because they come from the same villages that the great ones that I can't get come from. Even so, it's about once every three years. For the rest of the time, I am fortunate to live near a thriving pinot noir area, so I have many choices with local stuff. I love pinot noir.
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    It just depends on the meal.

    One thing for sure, my pallate cannot tolerate Pinot Noir (something about it that displeases me. Nose is fine but the taste cannot be appreciated).
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    Oh, and I'm 20 years old so don't tell anyone. :smile:
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    Ya we have trader joes by me too. The charles shaw is pretty decent for the price, but by no means underpriced.
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    I have been heaering rieslings as a repeated recommendation. I'll have to try one sometime soon. Any recommendations for the best riesling?
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    wine is something that many europeans "underage" drink...in canada the legal drinking age is 19...
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    I tend towards light sweet wines, Reisling, Muller-Turgau, White Zin, and Gervertztminer, are some of my favorites. There are a number of good ones, I like most Willamette Vinyards wines, though depending upon the year they can be a bit dry. I am out of touch with specific vineyards but find that if I stick to wines of these types I will like them.

    Sting, I am with you I do not care much for Pinot Noir nor for Chardenays, and in general anything that spends a lot of time in oak. To much tanic acid does not suit me.

    I am also aware that this makes me a pretty light weight wine drinker, but that is ok, I do not drink it as a status symbol.
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    In Wisconsin, the drinking age is 18 (or was when I lived there)but if you're with mom or dad, you can drink ANYTHING (scotch, vodka, etc) at any age. On Saturday mornings, all the dads would haul their small children down to the taverns to get them out of mom's hair while she cleaned house. Dad would share his beer with the kids (ages 2 to about 10 or 12)until they fell asleep in the booths, and then he'd sit and watch the Packers with the guys. Many of my friends in high school were already alcoholics! Sweet.
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    I'm with you, Integral! Gervertztminer is one of my all time favorites. And the oak thing? - the only way I like oak anywhere near what I eat or drink is between hot coals and a steak on a barbeque. The oak gives steak such a wonderful flavor - much better than any other wood. This is a trick I learned growing up in central California. YUMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:smile:
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    Oo Oo..:smile: I just remembered the the name of the label of my favorite Gervertztminer - Pieroth (from Germany). WONDERFUL!!!
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