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Fax Machine cord?

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    I had a broken fax machine, and we finally found the book, after a month of looking. It said not to use a longer than 6 ft cord... Why? We replaced our 20 ft. with a 5 ft., now it works... hmmm :confused:
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    Which "cord" are you referring to? If it's the RJ-11 (phonejack) one, the cord can only be so long, a maxiumum distance. I don't know the maxiumum distance of an RJ-11 cable, but I imagine it's rather low.
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    From experience I don't think it is anything as small as 5ft. I used to have a cable going around the house (about 70ft long if not longer) so I could use the internet from my room and it did a pretty good job and it worked sending faxes through my fax modem too.

    Although the internet connection speed you get is actually lower the longer the cable you use, it doesn't stop you completely from having a connection.
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