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Fax over network

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    we have a ricoh mfp9001. we can scan and print to it from client pc's.
    is there a way to fax from each workstation over lan from the mfp 9001.
    we can send and receive from the mfp itself.
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    Fax (especially with what you're trying to do with it) seems so passé--why not just scan (to whomever's workstation) and e-mail the resultant image / PDF / whatever, and courier over anything that requires an actual signature? Nevertheless, contacting Ricoh directly may yield something more favourable.
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    When you want to fax something, do a print preview or maybe print and look for print device names. One of them should be " ... fax". To send a fax, you want to print to the " ... fax" device, which should pop up a dialog box asking you for fax number and cover sheet info.
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