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News FBI CIA Security Breach

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    The woman in this article worked first for the FBI and then for the CIA.


    There is additional information in this CBS link.


    It is good that she was caught, but she was caught nearly six years after the actual security breach.
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    So is this a highly trained terrorist super-spy planted in the CIA/FBI six years ago as part of a secret masterplan to bring down america.
    Or did an illegal immigrant needing a job, fake some ID and the goverment pays better than working as a cleaner. It only claims she accessed file s- not actually passed them to anyone.

    The real security breach seems to be letting someone from the FBI into the CIA!
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    If I were an illegal immigrant I would not apply to a job that involves security screenings that include having my entire family attend the US embassy for interviews.
    But that's just me.
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    I imagine the spy angle is being talked up to cover some embarrased butts.

    We once had to use a research aircraft. It was owned by the research funding body but operated by a commercial airline, this meany all the security stuff like flight-deck doors being locked had to apply - even though we were the only people on it. We had to jump through incredible security and background check hoops to get air-side passes to allow the door to be opened.

    Then a couple of years later it is discovered the (UK) goverment is employing 5000 illegal immigrants to guard military airfields, including the one used by the PM / Royal Family.
    This is because the security is contracteed out to the cheapest bidder who hires the cheapest workers and tries not to look too closely. But the excuse being used is that these workers must all have highly placed terrorist connections to have managed to evade the super efficent security services.
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    I haven't seen any spy angle being talked up.
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    your post makes sense to me. govt agencies are subcontracting security companies and due to the "credibility" of process, the selected company is reputable... the govt agencies have no idea who is really doing the work. the subcontractor companies are there to make money, so it's natural that they find cheap labor. i'm sure they "try" to get qualified people, but who with a decent education is going to do security when there are better jobs to be had? (yeah, it's a generalization, but i'm just pointing out that the selection process is far from flawless). Some sexual favors can turn an eye (or 2) blind, and get a girl hired too.

    It all sounds rotten, but you know this kinda stuff happens, so I don't wanna hear it.
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