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I FCC structure factor

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    20170514_110831-1.jpg I tried to treat FCC lattice with a lattice constant a, as a monoatomic lattice.
    The reciprocal lattice is a BCC with a lattice constant 2pi/a.
    And the structure factor is 1.
    But I can treat FCC lattice with a lattice constant a, as a simple cubic lattice,
    with 4 atoms in each unit cell. As one can see in Wikipedia:
    Now the distance between adjacent planes in the reciprocal lattice is
    as in a simple cubic: a/sqrt(h^2+k^2+l^2),and I cannot see
    how I can get the same wavelengths,according to Bragg's diffraction.

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    You d
    You did not calculate any specific values for the lattice spacings if you do you'll see they are the same. Try to calculate the first 5 peaks, for example.
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