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FD approximation at internal boundary condition

  1. Oct 2, 2007 #1

    I have to solve diffusion-advection PDE using finite difference method. The problem has two regions with different diffusion coefficients and velocities. At the interface between the two regions types of boundary condition :

    1. No contact resistance
    C1 = C2
    - D1*dC1/dx + v1*C1 = - D2*dC2/dx + v2*C2

    2. With surface resistance
    - D1*dC1/dx + v1*C1 = - h (C2-C1)
    - D1*dC1/dx + v1*C1 = - D2*dC2/dx + v2*C2

    I am using fully-implicit in time and central-difference in space scheme and Tridiagonal Matrix Algorithm (Thomas's algorithm). However I found problem in doing FD approximaton at this internal interface. I would like to ask anybody who knows how to get the imaginary point for each regions for different types of BC.

    Thank you in advance
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