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Homework Help: Fe-N bond!

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    I've been searching far and wide and simply cannot find any info on the BOND ENERGY of a Fe- N coordinate-covalent bond, like that found in the heme group of haemoglobin.

    it looks like this:
    ....... N
    ....... |
    N -- Fe2+ -- N
    ....... |
    ....... N

    The Fe2+ ion also has 2 coordination sites perpendicular to that plane.

    Where can I possibly find the bond energy/length of those coordinate covalent bonds?

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    from http://www-ssrl.slac.stanford.edu/research/highlights_archive/fev.html

    Abstract - Structure-function relations in hemoglobin as determined by x-ray absorption spectroscopy.
    Don't know if this is of use -
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    Wow thanks you are a research genius!

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