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Fe? Pe?

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    Anyone taking either of these this October or plan on taking them soon?

    Questions, comments....etc.

    Always an interesting conversation....
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    What are Fe and Pe?
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    FE =Fundamentals of Engineering Test

    P.E. = Professional Engineer.

    Two 8 hour state exams.

    You have to pass the FE first.....covers 12 or so phases of engineering....ussually taken senior year of college....but not necessarily.

    If you pass FE...u need at least 4 years in engineering field to qualify for PE. The PE test is in your field of expertise. Both tests are difficult.

    Kinda similiar to an lawyer passing the bar exam...or an accountant passing the CPA.

    Being state licensed is generally a good thing. In some cases it is definitely needed....in other cases not so much.
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