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Homework Help: Fe3C Cementite HELP PLEASE

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    Fe3C Cementite HELP PLEASE!!!!

    Hello... I was wondering if someone would be able to help with the follow question...

    Cementite: consider cementite. Calculate the amount of carbon in Cementite (1) as atomic % (2) as weight % [atomic weights Fe 56, c 12]. Place cementite on the Fe-C phase diagram; explain the nature of its appearance on the diagram, and comment on the nature and properties of cementite. Cementite is a key part of pearlite- how does it contribute to the structure of pearlite?

    I totally understand the question apart from the atomic % and the weight %, if someone could help i would be so grateful, thanks.
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    Re: Fe3C Cementite HELP PLEASE!!!!

    The formula is Fe3C. That is three iron atoms per carbon. Express that ratio in terms of atoms Fe:total atoms in the formula to get Fe atomic %. Also find C:total atoms in the formula to get C atomic %. Convert that to weight to get Weight %.
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    Re: Fe3C Cementite HELP PLEASE!!!!

    could you give me a example as this realy isnt my strong point, thanks
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    Re: Fe3C Cementite HELP PLEASE!!!!

    Fe3C contains ___ iron atoms, ___ carbon atoms, and ___ atoms in total.
    Using those numbers, what percentage of the total atoms are carbon?
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