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FEA Question

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    I have just started using Algor to run FEA on some simple models I have made in my spare time. I have a question on the way I am setting up my simulation. If I have a circular blind flange with counter bores for bolts to sit in and I want to simulate it being bolted to a vessel under some amount of pressure. Could I do the following.

    Bring in a STEP file of just the flange

    Select the bottom surfaces of the counter bores and fix them so they are unable to move in any direction. These are the surfaces that head of the bolt mates with.

    On the opposite side of the flange there is a raised face that is open to the pressure in the tank. I would apply my pressure to this surface.

    Run the model.

    See image below. Sorry for my poor drawing skills. I just want to know if the way I plan on solving this problem will yield accurate results or if have made a mistake along the way that will ruin my results. Thanks

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