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Fear complexity & environment management

  1. Dec 24, 2005 #1
    Michel Crichton studies scary hypes nowadays.

    http://www.michaelcrichton.com/speeches/complexity/complexity.html [Broken]

    The way I understand it:
    In a delicate unbalanced human society, some people seem to have a great need for recognition and everybody has a need for safety but face the fear of the unknown. So the warriors of the world, searching for recognition admiration and power, are more than happy to create an image of great danger, threatening the world and humanity. The media are happy to exaggerate that message a little, because that's what the people want to hear and they want their share of recognition. Good news is no news and we thrive on bad news. So the governments, that want to govern in peace, giving the people what the people want, because happy people are prepared to pay the taxes required to govern and to stop the horror, if applicable. So they support the scaremongering warriors who are happy to comply and produce even more scare. This is a powerful feedback system that tends to go out of control, regardless of the scare of the moment. But the scare itself can be killing when looking at Tchernobyl. The biggest killer was mis-information inducing unfounded fear.

    There have been many myths, we have seen the eugenetic scare, anti-Semitism, mutual assured destruction, nuclear waste et al, the nuclear meltdown scenarios, the coming ice age, the population bomb, the asteroid collision, the clash of the civilisations, Y2K and at present the fashion hype is called global warming with all it's extremities like melting poles, intensifying hurricanes and tornadoes, droughts or flood, no matter what you fear, you can have it all. How many people will die due to desperation, giving up because life is useless?

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