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Feature request: 'My Posts'

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    I wish to make a request for a feature. Maybe if enough members do the same thing, it would be a benefit.

    I'd like a 'My Posts' button/link.

    Currently, I have to go into Advanced Search, do a 'Find Posts By User', enter my own username (it helpfully makes a call to the db to give me hints as to what 2 dozen users whose names begin with D-a-v I might like to be looking for, oblivious to the fact that it already knows who I am) and click Search.

    I'd really like to see this as a one click feature.

    (Failing a full implementation of it as a one-click feature, what about a checkbox in the 'Find Posts By User' that says: [_] Me! ? )
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    The feature is already implemented, Dave. When you log on, your user name shows up in a little box on the right hand of the page (after the news links). Click on your name and you can then choose to find all your posts or just the threads started by you.
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    Dave, unless you are searching for specific text, and just want a list of your posts or threads, see your name on the left? Click on it, then click on "find more posts by dave", or click "view public profile", then select either "find all posts by Dave" or "select all threads started by dave"
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