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Feb Mentor Changes

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    We're sad to report that @cristo is taking leave from the mentorship due to some exciting life changes. @cristo was a great addition to Physics Forums for over 8 years! We've been assured that once his real life settles down he'll be back being active in the community again! We will wait patiently for that day!

    To help fill the space of @cristo leaving, we are very excited to have @NascentOxygen join the team. @NascentOxygen has been friendly and trusted member for several years now. We're lucky to have him and look forward to his contributions.
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    Congrats, and welcome NascentOxygen!
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    Cristo, I'm happy about the exciting new opportunities in your life, but sad that they will take you, at least temporarily away. Good luck to you and please keep in touch.

    And a big welcome to NascentOxygen! :oldsmile:
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    It's been an honor to have been a member mentored by you cristo. May your "Exciting life changes" bring you much happiness.
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    I hope you'll still have time to do a little electronics/engineering around here NascentOxygen. Congratulations.
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