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Feed the hunger for free

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    In order to give food for the poor for free, just click on the sign on the webpage, and for every click, the sponsors of this webpage will pay the value of 1.1 cups of food for the poor, and for the people that are starving. Click as many times as you can so that the sponsors will provide more cups of food for the poor.
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    That's a great site, H.M. I've been clicking on that site for over a year now on all of my work and home computers. If you notice, there are other tabs to help other causes, like breast cancer, literacy, animal rescue and saving rainforests. Every penny helps...:smile:
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    Yeah :smile:, I have just found it, it is really nice to be able to help in all those causes for free.
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    He he, now just make a macro and install that on a computer so that it does it all the time without us having to click it.

    Anybody ever played with the site where you play the word game and it donates rice?
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    Haha good idea.
    No never lol
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    Only problem with that Freerice game is that there is a limit to how many different words there are--The same words are always repeated! :P
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    Hey, there's an opportunity for another macro. Thank you for remembering the name, I was braindead with trying to remember it.
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    Only if you answer wrong :wink: .
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    How exactly does clicking the links help donate food? Why can't the donators simply contribute their aid without having someone (or some bot) do the clicking?
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    Cause, they pledge to donate x amount of food for each time their ad gets looked at (clicked).
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