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Feed the Hungry

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    And how does this deal with physics?
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    Yeh sure, why dont you find out how long it will take to fly the food from Darwin Australia, to Angola, using a Hercules Transport plane, carrying 20 tonnes of food.
    Including a stop off at singapore for re fueling, also taking into account the winds.
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    I know this really has no relation to the other topics here, but people all over the world do not have enough to eat.

    While solving the other problems of the world it would be nice to do whatever you can to help those in need now, even if just clicking on a web site.

    There are many dire problems to solve, the environment not the least. However, people in need should have a priority if at all possible. If not you have no soul.

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    well, i'm pretty sure i have no soul... but i could care less if that has anything to do with physics, it's an important link to know about so that you can help out too. in fact i'd suggest spamming every forum and bb you can find with it.
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    Hi Juju,
    Good thought, it's nice to see that someone thinks of others. Take no notice of Blissful_pain, no one is obliged to reply to any thread. Nonetheless, this section is about the environment and the hungry are also a part of that. This earth is ours, and that includes all of us. Whether it is destroyed by global warming or starvation the destruction is the same. But yes they are right, physics has no soul.

    Here's a thought on the hungry; I come from what used to be Northern Rhodesia, now called Zambia. There are 75,000 street children living in its towns and cities, orphans all of them, mainly due to the AIDS pandemic.
    The goverment has a legal duty to care for all orphans in Zambia but due to a lack of funds these children have been abandoned. They have to fend for themselves and sleep rough.
    However, the Zambian goverment seems to have enough money to pay the salaries of it's president, his cabinet and all the members of parliament.
    You know, we used to call the British colonial goverment 'Bambazontze', that's local Zambian dialect for 'the one who takes it all for himself'. I think you in the US had the same problem 2 centuries ago, but you called it 'taxation without representation'. Nonetheless it is the same thing.
    I call those who rule in Africa today 'Ponyazontze' - 'those who threw it all away'.
    Got to be careful now, there's this law about defaming the president in Zambia, so I'll say no more.

    AFRICA - is a land where where lions once roared; but the only roar heard today is that of a chauffered Mercedes-Benz.
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    ian: ummm, if you missunderstood my post, i was encouraging juju.
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