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Feedback loop systems

  1. Feb 9, 2016 #1
    So I'm trying to exploit the idea of audio feedback and applying it to different Sciences, The one I had in particular in mind is social media.

    But before I go hammering away at how to exploit it, I need a better understanding of how feedback actually works

    I believe that the way feedback in audio is created by a signal at some arbitrary level, and when processed through a speaker, it becomes amplified, and depending on the distance away from the speaker, the microphone picks up the amplified sound and the process loops until the speaker reaches it maximum electrical capacity to amplify the sound.

    My question is what are the equations that govern audio feedback?
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    If you mean propagation of viral campaigns etc., a probably better analogy from physics would be a chain reaction.
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    Perhaps, I feel that the two are strikingly similar (feedback loops and the propagation of viral media)
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    The differential equations don't look similar.
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    Thanks for this!

    So let me propose an extremely idealistic and hypothetical scenario :

    In a world where Facebook doesn't care about spam, let's say I go and create a website.

    This website has one simple capability:

    When a user watches a video on this website, the video is automatically shared to the viewers Facebook timeline.
    I would imagine that if something like this were remotely possible, within the next 24 hours, Facebook would be completely taken over by video posts from this website.

    I think it sounds obvious that something like this would happen, but I think that such a thing can be considered a feedback loop since A effects B and B effects A, and the amplification process is the total interaction with post on the timeline

    Does this make sense? I'm pretty sure a similar case happened with MySpace, where some guy wrote a sneaky computer code and ended up with millions of friends.
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