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Homework Help: Feedback loops

  1. Nov 4, 2013 #1
    23. Feedback loops
    a) As carbon dioxide levels increase in the atmosphere more outgoing infrared energy is absorbed which increases air temperatures and therefore ocean temperatures. As ocean temperatures increase carbon dioxide is released to the atmosphere because less carbon dioxide can be dissolved in seawater (i.e. the solubility of carbon dioxide decreases with higher temperatures). Draw the appropriate arrows between the boxes to complete the feedback loop described above.

    I have attached what I think is the right way to display the feedback loop but I don't understand the positives and the negatives could someone explain

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    Welcome to the PF. Maybe try uploading the attachment again? I'm not seeing it.
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    I did its not showing my positives and negatives though
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    For some reason, in your original post, only the attachment thumbnail shows up, but when I click on the thumbnail, instead of getting an enlarged view, I just get a blank black screen. I was able to go into your original post and grab the URL for the attachment. This should display it directly in the post:


    Does that show up?

    Regarding the actual question, what do you think is the relationship between these quantities. Hint: the process is cyclical, so just choose somewhere to start and go through the process, labelling the direction of the change in each quantity.

    Another interesting question: is this positive or negative feedback?

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    I think its negative
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    Image is "black on transparent", and the background of attachment window is black, so the image is displayed black on black.
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