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Feedback on a report

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    I reported a post because a link in the post concerned me - nothing to do with the content of the post per se. I haven't had a response and I was wondering if I could get some feedback as to whether anyone else has some concern about it, or whether it is fine.
    I can provide more details if needed, but I'm guessing the report should be traceable? If I even reported it correctly...

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    You could PM a mentor to ask but please bear in mind that due to the the amount of reports we get and the amount of time some take up in moderation discussions we aren't able to give feedback all the time. One-off specific requests will probably get a response but we couldn't do it if it was frequent.
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    I think I know which report/link you mean - we discussed it and it doesn't look like the site is harmful. I have personally checked some of the images displayed there - they are displayed at random and intended to be funny (with a variable level of success). None of the small sample I have seen contained anything controversial.
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    I wouldn't normally ask for a response but you have to understand that I thought perhaps the link was not safe and so it was of immediate concern to me - as I identified in my report, I believe. I appreciate you have alot to deal with, and I think my request was polite.

    Thanks for the response Borek, this is reassuring. I think I probably just over-reacted; better safe than sorry, both for me and for other members of the forum.

    Many thanks.
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    I think it's always a good to report such sites. It's better to be safe than sorry.
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