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Feeling a bit guilty

  1. Jun 29, 2011 #1
    I haven't been on PF in quite a while now and after reading through some of the threads in the Astronomy and Computing sections, I feel as though I've been missing out, er, a bit guilty.

    I was out on a couple of deployments for quite some time (got to see some beautiful countries), and finally made my change of homeport to Hawaii. I'm at least somewhat settled in now, thankfully, so i'll definitely be visiting more often. Finally got to buy my dream car!

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    nice picture.
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    Welcome home to PF! Nice car. Take good care of each other. :biggrin:
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    Welcome back! Thank you for your service, and enjoy Hawaii in your new car. Looks like a beauty!

    My nephew took a promotion to Master Chief (specialty in propulsion) a couple of years back and is currently stationed in Hawaii. His wife and daughter love the change after years and years in San Diego.
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    Welcome back!!! I've wondered about you. It sure looks like you've done well!! Hawaii? That is so not fair!!

    Hope you'll have more time to post now.
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    Great to see you back!

    Quick, get a rope to tie him down!
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    Thanks everyone. I thought about all of you a few time while we were underway, but obviously couldn't get on even if I wanted to. It was at times aggravating having a conversation with someone about geology or astronomy, and not having a decent reference for information.

    While I was in Australia I came across something that for a second made me think of you, Evo.
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    How did I miss your home coming? Glad to see you back.
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    Glad to find you home at PF, safe and sound. What a great car, and a great state to live in!
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