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Feeling demotivated

  1. Apr 11, 2006 #1
    okay i have made some pointless threads..but this one is very serious..

    i am not feeling like studying,,after 10 days i have my exams and i am not feeling like lifting my notes of Combinatorics,logic,Group theory...They are far too boring for me at the moment and i am not able to sit and open..i am feeling very disoriented..Don't know whats wrong with me,,i am just enjoying in talking pointless things..i am not able to motivate myself at the moment...i cant study those things ..

    you guys are like Friends thatswhy i am telling the truth..till now i have done quite well but i am very much demotivated at the moment,,:cry:
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    This happens to me too, especially on the finals. On the beginning fo every semester, i am really motivated, but at the end i am just tired of it. This is fine, i guess, considering the amount of stuff i do on a semester.

    Well, what i do to motivate myself... Hmm, i don't know... I simply pick my notes and start reading, oh and i take breaks between chapters. For me, the reason i am tired is because i know most of what the course covered, so i feel like i am repeating myself, but it ends up ok by reading it, because i remember a lot of forgotten info.

    I guess you need to find out why you are demotivated...
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    Exactly,,,it happens always with me.

    I am not even able to recognise why am i demotivated..
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    Play old video games until you feel the need for mental stimulation. You've just gone stale. It'll come back.
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    i don't play video games..

    by the way i have all nice games like CounterStrike,quack,NFS but i never played those ever...
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    This happens to me every semester. Sometimes I find I am motivated by planning out next semester. What courses are you going to take? Thinking of the overall plan gets me excited again, and helps me get down to the books.
    Or maybe read something related to one of your courses, but which will definitely NOT be on the exam. This way you won't feel like you are being forced to do something you don't want to do, and it will get you into the mood of the subject.
    Or, read about someone really famous, who achieved some amazing things. This usually makes me feel like a slacker, and I run to the nearest book.
    Another suggestion would be to force yourself to solve problems rather than read over notes. Especially try problems that were'nt assigned in class. Start with easy ones, and don't attempt a hard one for a while. I often find if I start with a difficult problem right away, I'll give up and my studying session is shot.

    These are just some things that tend to work for me...
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    yesterday i had to study something like Polya Enumeration theorem.....i sat on studying that on interenet and after studying that for 2/3 hours on net i returned to notes even then no effect...what i studied on net was trivial..Actually these topics need lot of thinking,,,i just want things which i can easily mugg up right away without any thinking,,,,...i can study other topics like material science , chemistry,technical arts but when come to topic like those i feel very much disoriented....
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    When one feels unmotivated during the day, then one can go outside and get some sun, and do some exercise - like running or walking or playing frisbee.

    At night, obviously one cannot get sun, but one can exercise. Even lifting weights, doing stretching exercises is useful.

    Pattylou posted an article indicating that exercise was beneficial to neural development.

    I would discourage video games in favor of some kind of exercise. Think about taking up Tae Kwon Do or Karate or other martial art.

    Read Douglas Adams's "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", but only when you have time, i.e. don't let it interfere with study.
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    Same here.

    I try to motivate myself, but it never happens. It really just feels like I'm repeating myself literally.

    I guess I have to keep trying.
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    Try explaining the concepts here. It'll be more fun and you'll figure out what you don't know by trying to explain it to others. What is combinatorics?
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    This also happens to me every semester. For example, I've now wasted 8 days doing absolutely nothing, and therefore must cram tomorrow for a final exam on thursday.

    What puzzles me is that I love what I'm studying, but just can't get myself to revise for exams.
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