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Feeling inadequate as an engineering student doing fluid physics

  1. Apr 24, 2010 #1
    Hi all,
    I have been in the physicsforum for a while already.
    I am a graduate student in mechanical engineering now, studying fluid mechanics.
    I did my undergraduate in mechanical engineering as well.
    The kind of fluid mechanics I do is a bit mathematics and physics oriented. The best way to describe it is really fluid physics.
    With an undergraduate background in engineering, I really feel I know so little about physics and mathematics.
    I have been comparing myself to other physics students doing similar things. The physical intuition and mathematical maturity they have are way beyond me.
    I actually did very well in my engineering classes, and I still do very great in graduate classes now. But the gap between me and other physics students in terms of research ability is so huge.
    I feel like I lack a rigorous training even in mechanics. Hamiltonian? Lagrangian? I did not really learn these things in engineering classes. But these concepts seem to be really useful in theoretical fluid mechanics.
    I really want to fill in the gap.
    I am wondering if anyone here have the same situations here?
    If you mange to fill in the gap, how did you do it? Any sharing?
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