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Feeling lost, Normal ?

  1. Sep 17, 2003 #1
    I was shocked today when i opened the forums and found ... a LOT of new forums.
    I was thinking, when i want to add a new topic, it will be really hard to determine which forum to put it in now !(and it will be more work on the mentors to move topics around)
    And when i want to check the forums, it will be even harder (i know there is the "new posts" page, but sometimes it is not pratical).

    Will the forums stay this way ? What is the aim of dividing the forums this time (i thought it will be good if there are more members, like maybe 10,000 or so).
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    I like the new setup. I think it's really great for someone who's trying to learn, like me. If I want to try something new, I can just venture into the "Set Theory" section. I agree that with more members the new setup would make more sense. There just isn't a high enough volume of posts right now to fill up all these new forums. I sometimes wonder why there aren't more members. I found this site on accident. I was looking for a calculus forum, and I found something even better. Maybe it's just too hard too find. But starting today, I'm going to tell everyone I see about the Physics Forums. We'll have 10000 in notime!
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    the new setup reminds me of the one in scienceforums.net.
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    Changes as major as this are difficult at first and you naturally want to move to where your comfortable and reject something that you may have to relearn and are unfamiliar with. Give it a week, get some topics rolling and I think you'll favor this change.
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    Tom Mattson

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    That's true. However, I think that difficulty will work itself out once you get some experience with the new setup. If you calm down and take a deep breath , you'll probably find that deciding where to post a topic is not nearly as difficult as you think.

    Actually, it will be easier! That's the positive we gain from the switch. If you want to see a thread about quantum mechanics, for instance, you do not have to shuffle through dozens of topics in the Physics and Theoretical Physics Forums. You can now go straight to the new Quantum Mechanics Forum.
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    I got to say I liked the new settup instantaneously (from my own inertial frame, of course). Now if I want to talk about some form of tech that isn't computer-related, it will be possible. Used to be if one tried to talk fuel cells, nuclear reactors or aerospace in the Tech Forum, it got completely overlooked.

    I'm off rigth now to ask SupermentorTM to move my old "X-Prize" thread into the aeronautical engineering subforum. Then we can all get Aeronauty !
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