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Feilds on the edge of town

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    Does anyone know what would be in a feild that would have a light on it, except its a structure and not a house, it had 3 lights on it in odd places.I couldn't tell what it was.I dont know much about farming or anything like that but the feilds on the edge of my town are growing crops and feilds and houses and stuff but as I passed a certain spot I became frustrated because I couldn't explain what I was seeing.Does anyone know what would be sitting in a feild with lights on it ?
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    It's a landing site for UFO's from the seventh dimension.
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    i knew it ....

    they're coming ...
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    Could it be a mechanical sprayer for the crops?
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    Seriously, it is difficult to tell from your description. It could be a navigation aid for aircraft or any number of things.
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    It's probably a picking machine. I don't know what the name is, but people will sit in a row extending out from each side of the tractor that's in the middle. The machine moves slowly through the fields so that the "pickers" can pick the produce while sitting. My aunt and uncle have a couple of these at their farm. They have lights on them.
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    Now we just need to hook up some optical sensors ("CAMERAS"), a few arms, do some massive amounts of computation... and have it do it by itself!
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