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Feline attack

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    My cat is more dangerous that my four dogs combined!!

    Gee, she is normally very nice (except sometimes when she gets mad when you don't allow her to chew your fingers), but sometimes she can get really vicious. I guess it might just be the nature of the breed, a North-American ranch cat, just recently domesticated.

    I was in the kitchen yesterday evening, trying to get all the animals to go into the hallway. So I clapt my hands and told them to get out, most did. All of a sudden there is this cat hanging in my pants, trying to get me! I try her to get off of me, next she hangs in my arm! Now I get really scared, so I yell to my sister to come and save me :)

    Finally she lets go of me, I back up, she continues to attack. I seek shelter behind the kitchen stool, but she comes after me, I prepare to climb up the stool, she prepares to jump up with me.

    All this time my sister is very amused with the display :)
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    Sounds like robo attack kitten. You gotta kill them before they kill you.......
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    My sister's dog has attack me, except I was the one that provoked it
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    It's just a cat, kick it or something...
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    You ever had a cat attack you? And I don't kick animals, it is quite hard too when it is already hanging in your leg..
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    giver her some catnip, maybe then she will chill out...
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    I've had cats, dogs, geese, humans, and even a goat attack me.
    The geese and goat had an unfair advantage, becuase at the time I was shorter than them, but now I'll kick any gooses ass that asks for it.
  9. Nov 30, 2003 #8
    Once upon a time while my wife would be at the sink preparing a chicken, our orange tabby would walk up behind her and meow for a scrap. Meowing eventually turned to hissing, if his pleas went unanswered for too long, and one time he became so annoyed about having his pleas go ignored that he bit her on the leg (I think he drew blood, but not for certain). My wife became quite frightened of the little beast following that event, but the cat would never act in such a bad way so long as I was in the room (he was my baby). The cat ended up training my wife to surrender food by standing behind her and hissing (this went on for a very long time). One day I discovered much to my amusement, when I picked up a broom and the cat promptly ran out of the room, that my wife had been doing some training too.
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