Felipe good guy's introduction

I am a Chilean scientist. I have a B.S. and Master degree in Geophysics, and a PhD in Planetary Sciences. I love physics discussion forums and threads.

My areas of expertise are:

1) Long-term Geodynamics, Tectonophysics: This is related to highly viscous fluids (Stokes flow), classical thermodynamics solutions; Elasto-Visco-Plasticity; Earth and planetary materials.
2) Seismology: Related to Elasto-dynamics theory, anelastic dissipation; Earthquakes.
3) Planetary Magnetism: Related to MHD, dynamo generation, geomagnetism, planetary evolution.
4) Applied/exploration geophysics: Related to Electromagnetic methods put in practice, Gravimetry and Geodesy, Magnetometry.

Beyond my work, I enjoy any discussion in physics. Some of my favorites are: Chaos theory, Statistical mechanics, General Relativity, Cosmology.

I would enjoy answering, especially if your question reveals some thinking from your side.


Wrichik Basu

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Welcome to PF! We appreciate your endeavour to answer the questions posted here. :smile:

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