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Felix Ehrenhaft Project

  1. Jan 29, 2014 #1
    Hello everyone!

    I am a high school student in Physics and I have to do a project on physicist Felix Ehrenhaft. I am having trouble understanding his contributions to physics. Could someone please explain Photophoresis (he is credited to have discovered it) and his work on sub-atomic particles to me? In layman's terms please!
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    Hi and welcome.
    What was it about him that made you chose him as a subject for a project? It is usually a good ploy to go for a topic that's rich in understandable sources. You basically need good marks and, doing it the hard way doesn't often earn extra brownie points. I'm just giving you the (boring) advice of someone who's been there with numerous students and seen what pays off best per hour of effort.

    This is supposed to be a research project, based on what you (and not someone else) could find out about a subject. There are plenty of famous names who did more mainstream stuff - and didn't manage to have a feud with Albert Einstein. Go for anyone else (Except Nicola Tesla lol).
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