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Fell out of the shower

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    Getting out of the shower witch is above our bath ,the bath mat slipped and i did the splits, so what you might say, well it bloody hurts, if you are of mature age thees sort of accidents seem to become more often, so if you have a bath mat on an linoleum floor make sure it has a rubberized backing.
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    Sorry to hear that. I hope you heal up quickly.
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    :oldfrown: Ouch! A good sturdy handle mounted on the wall next to the bath would be a good idea, Woolie!
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    It might help to put some grab bars on the walls Wolram. I hope you are OK
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    Yes the shower curtain is not is not a handle as i found out
    As you can imagine doing the splits over the rim of the bath parts of ones anatomy come into sudden contact, so apart from doing the splits witch is painful enough ones
    nuts are sore.
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    How about a mat in the floor too, firmly attached to it. Strange, but these falls are much more likely than terrorist attacks, but people take more precautions for the latter.
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    I hope you heal up quickly. May get some non-slip stickies for the shower, and perhaps a hand rail.

    I knew someone who fell getting out of the shower. She broke her arm, shoulder and collarbone, so be careful!
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    Ouch. When I remodeled the bath I installed heated non-skid Through-bodied Porcelain tile to avoid the slip and splits problem.
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    Everyone is thinking that shower is better than bath?)
    http://lodozo.com/files/images/Cute-Baby-Bath-lodozo.com.jpg [Broken]
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