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News FEMA and REX 84

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    Does anyone have any current information on REX 84. I have heard that it was updated after 9/11, but with a veil of secrecy surrounding it it is difficult to find anything current.

    http://uweb.txstate.edu/~lf14/conspire/rex84.html [Broken]
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    You won't find anything. Any current equivalent of a REX-84 would, naturally, be kept secret. A government agency planning a contigency for something like, the detention of millions of people in camp prisons, is an extremely inflammtory action - free citizens universally abhor it, someone might get impeached. Reagan was smart enough to keep it under wraps - so would Bush should he choose to resurrect it [Rex]. AFAIK there's no legal challenge to their planning it.

    This is why conspiracy theories are so popular - they're not falsifiable (the good ones). We can all have fun trying to second-guess what might be true.

    Of course - whether or not a REX-84-like program is active is a purely speculative manner. Maybe this could be moved to the Skepticism forum?

    edit: Aside, I don't care much for your link (on an undergraduate's web page at UTexas) - it seems like a very long essay with lots of historical ''facts' and no references - seems cranky to me.
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    Is wikipedia considered to be a credible reference here? I see a lot of people use it.

    I remember when REX 84 first hit the news in 87, then it was squashed like a bug. What brought it back to my mind was a local public access television program that featured a University professor talking about REX 84 and a new version of it being established after 9/11.

    The guy knew all of the, names, dates, places, people involved ect. I found him to be very credible, but then it was 4:30 AM and I was only on my first cup of coffee.
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    http://uweb.txstate.edu/~lf14/ [Broken]

    Yah that looks highly credible.

    Wikipedia is your friend
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    "Working mothers agree Crack Cocaine hits the spot..." :bugeye:
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    Edward old boy you have stuck your neck out on this one. LOL

    Remember the Groom lake Facility in the late 60's?

    REX 84 is a bit like that except Groom lake was a government secret and REX 84 is more about a secret government.
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    REX 84 was rewritten into conplan 2002 and is a 1000 page document which deals with 15 scenaios of terrorist attacks. The crux of the plan in all 15 scenarios is when to overide the Posse Comitatus act. There is also a conplan 0500 But like duh guys, it dosen't exist right? :biggrin:
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    Thats right Edward it doesn't exist and neither does the Bilderbergers or the trilateral commission.
    Can you say "one world order". Look out for those black helicopters now ya hear.
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    Maybe you are right. All of these things are as unbelievable as finding a Chevy Suburban registered with the Texas DMV in a Fallugah bomb factory. :smile:
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    Yep as unbeleivable as YAHOO turning over information on A Chinese journalist that sent him to a Chinese prison for ten years for the crime of fowarding an E-mail.
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