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Female Ejaculation

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    Does anyone have some good links to RELIABLE sources on what female ejaculate is composed of and whether or not it is in fact diluted urine?
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    Here's an abstract on it. Unfortunately, the original article is in Czech, so I can't offer any further interpretation regarding the study methods or results. This is the only article I can find on pubmed that seems to have assessed the composition of the secretion. Everything else I've found either has no abstract (letters rather than articles and/or not translated from another language), or reports on survey results of incidence of female ejaculation in anthropology journals. I honestly don't even know how credible this particular journal is as it's published in Czech, so I can't verify the quality of the publications.

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    It returns hits to political sites like the one you linked to. Pubmed returns the famous 2001 Hines article:

    The Straight Dope's Cecil Adams read that article and has said this about it:

    On the related subject of female ejaculation, there's an emerging consensus that the fluid emitted by some women during orgasm isn't just urine, as was widely thought, but rather the discharge of a female prostate gland. But no one suggests that female prostate = G-spot.

    "Until a thorough and careful [microscopic] investigation of the relevant tissue is undertaken," Hines concludes, "the G-spot will remain a sort of gynecologic UFO: much searched for, much discussed, but unverified by objective means."
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    Oh no! I can't say what I wanted to o:)
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    Couldn't it be that the G-spot is just a place some woman have where there is a high concentration of nerves. So it could be big or small and at somewhat different locations? And not all females need to have it?

    I know that females have way more nerves transmitting signals from the vagina areas, that it is way more complex and that there are nerves going to the brain that bypass parts of the lower spine. This also results into the female orgasm being more complex in character where the male orgasm is pretty standard, which is true.

    *says a virigin male* :) Couldn't resist. But I won't touch the ejaculation thing, in figure of speach of course.
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