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Homework Help: Females are not dumb I just need help

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    Since one male in the class thinks the two females in my IB physics class are dumb (I being one of them), we are determined to do very well on tonight's problems. We don't have a teacher that actually teaches, I don't know how to approach some of the problems. Here is goes (please help! thanks)

    There is an electric current in a coil (in a dc circuit), which is connected to a battery with an emf of 4 volts. The steady state value of the current is 2 Amperes. One of the questions asks to prove that the t (the greek t)= L/R given that the rate at which the current changes is V/L (L being inductance). I think I might have gotten that, but it then asks to determine the value of the inductance and I got 1 ohm second because I said that t was equal to the time constant ( or the time it would take to reach the 2 Amperes if it were to continue at the initial rate), which was 0.5. So, using the t= L/R, I got 0.5 = L/2 which was 1. Is that right?

    I have more questions about other ones, but I don't want to ask too many on this thread.
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    Ask louder. But let me tell you this. You didn't get into IB on looks. Don't let guys do this to you, ignore guys like that. They have poor social skills, and will not be pleasant to have a relationship with, not anytime soon. So, they are unimportant. What that boy is practicing is called misogyny, a hatred of females. I am sorry he is such a sorry piece of work.

    I am also sorry that I am not able to help you with your electrical problems, but find another girl in the class to discuss the problem with, and when you see that boy, use some sort of mental "remote" to just turn him off.

    It is not masculine to make hateful generalizations about women, it is just pathetic.
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    Could you post more background for the problem. Do you have any other definitions of your [itex] \tau [/itex]?

    You first speak of a steady state current then of the change in current, why is the current changing? Please provide more information about your problem.
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    The steady state value of the current is reached in the limit as [itex]t \rightarrow \infty[/itex], not when [itex]t=\tau[/itex]. Hmmm, I think there are too many variables to solve this problem. Could you post the question verbatim?

    PS. What a loser, if he's stupid enough to judge someone's intelligence based on their sex, then his opinions clearly aren't worth an ounce of your attention.
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    I am a kind of a person who thinks women should stay at home but this is just stupid. Thinking females are dumb.
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    What you think about females has nothing to do with females, but has everything to do with your ability to relate, and your ability to be a competent human being. Humans vary in every ability, humans from every culture and religion. Lack of proper humanities education, results in crippling bias such as you manifest. The equation is sort of, Women do not absolutely equal Men, yet they are not less than Men, and Men are not greater than Women. This is the same as the problem Man1 does not absolutely equal Man2, but M1 is not less than Man2, and Man2 is not greater than Man1. The variances are so minor in the grand scheme, yet in the scheme of our survival, the nurturance of the unborn and newborn is given to the female, this is not because she is the weaker of the two.
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