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News Femicide in the Congo

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    International Rescue Committee's program in the Dem. Republic of Congo (it's not very democratic).

    Rape Victims’ Words Help Jolt Congo Into Change

    Rape Epidemic Raises Trauma of Congo War

    World Briefing | Africa: Congo: War's Death Toll At 3.8 Million - NY Times, December 10, 2004
    By Dec 2004, more than 31,000 civilians were dieing each month.

    Congo’s Death Rate Unchanged Since War Ended (the 'formal' war ended, now it's just fighting) - NYTimes, January 23, 2008
    I met Dr Richard Brennan (Director Health Programs, International Rescue Committee) two years ago at a function in which IRC's work and that of others was discussed. Brennan mentioned the Congo. Except for total number dead, the statistics haven't decreased in the DRC.

    Fortunately this is still up - http://www.advance.org/en/art/?438 [Broken] - mp3's and ppt's of the presentations are available if anyone is interested.

    IRC has a remarkable history - http://www.theirc.org/about/history.html
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    Unfortunately it only has around 150M barrels of oil reserves so it's going to be a while before we get around to democratising it.
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    I hope you are wrong. I hope that our government is purged of neo-cons who will cooperate with murderers as long as profits for their handlers are secured.

    This is not new, people. The governments of central and south America have been infiltrated, influenced, and yes subverted for many decades by the US using the CIA and other agencies to enable the rape of their natural resources, much as France, Spain, and England did to North America until our citizenry grew strong enough to push back.
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    Congo Free State / Belgian Congo / Republic of the Congo / Léopoldville / Zaire / Democratic Republic of the Congo, is rather the poster child for screwed over little African country.
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    he's not wrong. fwiw, the atrocities described in this thread are a lot like what went on in Serbia/Croatia a few years back. and believe it or not, it doesn't seem to matter who's in office. during the Clinton administration, the fastest genocide in recorded history took place in Rwanda, where during a period of only 100 days, 800,000 people were systematically slaughtered, most with simple machetes. it wasn't until footage of bodies floating down the rivers into neighboring countries that the US and other nations stopped pretending they didn't know what was going on. the UN had "peacekeepers" there, they knew exactly the situation. i strongly suggest this book by Samantha Power for a fairly even-handed analysis of the problem: https://www.amazon.com/Problem-Hell-America-Age-Genocide/dp/0060541644
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    I guess Bono isn't doing enough. Seriously, what can be done about Africa.

    I am sponsoring this girl. But she is from Zambia.

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    That's wonderful, Greg. My cousin has been putting $25 a week into a microloan project, and he's been emailing pictures of loan recipients, their businesses, repayment rates, etc. It's pretty neat.
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