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FEMLAB HT Transfer Tutorials

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    Where can I find some general tutorials on using FEMLAB to model radiation heat transfer problems? I don't have the HEAT Transfer Module.
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    Welcome to Pf WashU. You got the Femlab (or Comsol as it nowadays is called) model library documentation? That's one well documented and explained source, other than the general software documentation itself regarding heat transfer problems. Femlab "showroom" , http://www.comsol.com/showroom/ , contains a number of solved cases (they'll email you the models if you ask) which you could use as tutorials (+the conference CDs and like are essentially a collection of models which work well as tutorials). Some examples regarding heat transfer can be found online (by googling 'femlab heat transfer' or like) but not to the extent as in the documentation or femlab website. Yeah, you don't need the heat transfer module if you're just interested in doing "basic" heat transfer related modeling (and if you're willing to do some work in implementing your models can overcome even that "basic").
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