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Fermat's last theorem?

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    fermat's last theorem????

    What is Fermat's last theorem?
    and How is that related to primes numbers of form 3x+1 and 3x+2
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    Re: fermat's last theorem????

    FLT states: If n is an integer greater than 2, then there are no non-trivial integer solutions to the equation [tex]x^n+y^n=z^n[/tex].

    One reduction for the proof is that it would be enough to prove the case when [tex]n[/tex] is prime (or 4). The case [tex]n=4[/tex] is classical. It turns out that argument for primes of the form [tex]3k+1[/tex] is different than for primes of the form [tex]3k+2[/tex].

    *warning, Latex seems out of whack today*
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