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Fermentation Vs Respiration

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    ok, we all know that respiration is much more effective in producing atp.. but

    Will fermentation or the respiration have the highest metabolic rate when compared on a mass specific basis (in moles ATP x hr^-1 x g^-1)?
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    Can you show us some work and some of the assumption that have done on this problem.
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    Moles of ATP per hours per grams of what?
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    nemzy, since you have quite a few questions on cellular respiration and fermentation (I assume you must be studying that chapter in your biology class right now), it would really be easier for us to address them all in the same thread so we don't need to repeat things we've already covered on the topic.

    I also have to echo loseyourname's question: if you're going to discuss metabolic rate per unit mass, you need to tell us what mass you're referring to? An organism, a substrate,...?
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    the weight is referring to the organism...

    anyways, i thought that respiration would have a higher metabolic rate than fermentation since in respiration more ATP is being produced...but its actually the othe way aruond. Fermentation has a higher metabolic rate than respiration when compared on a mass specific basis?

    Does anyone know why?

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