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I Fermi-Dirac integral

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    i am completely lost. there is an integral in my textbook in fermi dirac statistics whose result is written directly and am not able to understand . it is
    ⌽(u) du /exp.((u-uf)/kt) + 1 from 0 to ∞
    expanded by tayor's series to give

    ⌽(u) du (from 0 to uf) +∏²/6 (kT)² [⌽'(u)] |at u=uf + 7∏⁴/360 (kT)⁴ [⌽''(u)] |at u=uf +................

    where uf is such that function of u is zero for u greater than uf.
    plz reply as soon as possible. thanks.
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    It's very hard to read the formulae. Please use LaTeX.
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    hope this could help

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    plz reply. the answer on expansion by taylor series should be

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