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Fermi Level of intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor

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    eq2_6_13.gif (1)

    eq2_6_16.gif (2)

    eq2_6_21.gif (3)
    eq2_6_15.gif (4)

    eq2_6_24.gif (5)

    we can find Equation (5) by dividing po by n0, and write an equation with respect to Ei.
    However since equation (3) is a special form of (1) and (2), [when Ef=Ei] we can obtain equation (5) from
    any arbitrary Ef.

    However, since eq (5) consists of constants only, it will give a result Ef=Ei which contradicts to eq(4).
    I know I am wrong, but from which step did I get this wrong?
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