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Homework Help: Ferris Wheel trig question

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    I have this question in my trig/pre cal class and I have no idea how to approach it what so ever.

    In 1893, George Ferris engineered the Ferris Wheel. It was 250 feet in diameter. If the wheel makes 1 revolution every 50 seconds, then

    h(t) = 125sin (pi/25t - pi/2) + 125

    represents the height (h), in feet, of a seat on the wheel as a function of time (t), where t is measured in seconds. The ride begins when t = 0.

    a.) During the first 50 seconds of the ride, at what time (t) is an individual on the Ferris Wheel exactly 125 feet above the ground?

    Thank you!!
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    Sometimes a diagram of the problem helps visualise the solution.
    Draw the ferris wheel, add a line 125 feet off the ground, and find out what angle of rotation will bring the passenger to that height.
    I have to stop now, and leave you with something to do!
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