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Ferromagnetic Thin Films

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    I am doing my PG. To select a topic for my mini project, I select the topic "Ferromagnetic thin films" Probably I will be covering it's properties, fabrication and applications at some basic level.

    So what is the problem is I have no one to guide me here as I am far away from the college and for my personal reasons I am at home and all other professors are on vacation leave. So I need a small guidance to start it off. I googled but lot of information stuffed out there. I am confused how to start. Also different fabrication is mentioned, somewhat complicated for me.

    The mini project presentation would be around 20 to 30 mins. So Kindly help me out. I am ready to do hardwork. 3 weeks are there for my project.

    Thank You!!
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    Well, first of all, how much do you currently know about magnetism (and spintronics) in general? And, by "mini project", do you mean some sort of literature review?
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    Hi fightfish,

    I know basic level of knowledge like "different magnetism arises due to couplings between electron spins."
    Yes it is a sort of literature review and PPT presentation infront of the faculties where i have to answer their questions.

    So how will I start? Is there any classical theory for magnetism, or only quantum level?

    What I need now is a guidance, how would be the path? How to start and end it? Meanwhile I can do some sort of research on topics and come for clarifications. So is there any "Guru" out there? Can you help me out Mr.Fightfish.

    Thanks in advance
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    "Ferromagnetic thin films" is by itself an extremely broad and vague topic; you will need to choose some particular aspect (fabrication / application for example) to focus on. Of course, you should still briefly cover the basics of the other aspects.

    Fabrication would be a materials engineering thing, while there is substantially more physics involved in the principles behind its applications. You need to pick up a book or two, start by looking at which aspect of fm thin films you want to study and the necessary concepts involved, and then review the concepts required. Some important ones might be: anistropy, spin transport, spin-orbit coupling, spin-torque transfer, Landau-Lifgarbagez-Gilbert equation.

    Magnetism is fundamentally quantum-mechanical and relativitistic in nature; the spins of the electrons play a major role in magnetic effects. Most of the time however, it suffices to use a semiclassical model to describe macro/mesoscopic magnetic systems. You might also want to look up "micromagnetics" - which is what the general field is often referred to as.
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    Yes! I am confused in which topic I need to focus. I am working on these topics. But could you please suggest me some references/books for thin films?

    Thank You!
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    Well, unless you are focusing on the process of manufacturing thin films, I don't think thin film books will be particularly useful. Books on magnetism would likely be more useful since they will provide a reasonably good explanation of the underlying physics concepts as well. Most advanced undergrad or graduate-level texts on magnetism should be of use.
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    Thank you, I will work on the basic levels of magnetism first and then move on to advanced levels and then some basics of ferromagnetic thin films based on any particular application and then conclude it.

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