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Festival of Lights!

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    It might be Happy Hanukkah, Happy Chanukah, Chanukkah, or Chanuka...for all I know it could be Chappy Hanukkah.

    Whatever it's called, I hope all our Jewish PFers have a wonderful holiday!
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    And tis the season to eat jelly doughnuts? סופגניות
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    It is the season to feed gefilte to your daughter's boyfriend, lest he has breath that is even remotely attractive when he take her to midnight mass. (It really happened to me!) My GF was standing behind her father and shook her head in an emphatic NO when he offered me some. Clever girl.
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    Near as I can tell, there are eight of these holidays strung together. Last night was Hanukkah and tonight we celebrate Chanukah. We keep it up til we run out of variations. Let me wish a Christmas that is joyish, to our friends who are goyish,
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