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Fetal Lamb in a Baggie

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    Scientists have been able to bring fetal lambs to term using plastic bags to replace their normal amniotic sacks and a bit of plumbing to replace the placenta. They hope to do this with premature humans eventually.

    Not sure about the placental replacement part since I thought the placenta had some hormonal effects on the fetus, but maybe that's only at earlier stages or for the mother.
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    For premies, maturing within the sack or outside, the placenta isn't available in either case.
    This is not for embryonic development to maturity, as that I would think would be years away.
    Even the "placental fluid" is not much more than a saline solution for the sack.
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    jim mcnamara

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    @256bits -
    This does not make sense to me, can you please explain? They are going to supplant/replace the placenta. My take on it, anyway.
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    Presently neonatal intensive care for premature is through an incubation unit.
    So it would be a step forward I believe, to have a placenta type care unit.
    As this is a prototype and experimental, it's features would change in future use for humans, with more placental features.
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    Haha haha yes one step closer to:woot: !!!..... Um oh I er yes that is very interesting:wink:
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