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Medical Fever dreams?

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    Ok, so there is this strange phenomenon that I have experienced several times before. I want to know if anyone else here has had this problem or if they have any idea what it might be. AS A RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE DISCLAIMER: I will not consider any response as a diagnosis but as of now the diagnosis I have recieved said the cause is alcohol/marijuana use which I find pretty bogus. I had a small toke during new years eve (20 hours b4 the incident occured) and had two drinks. I've drank+toked much more even with fever and this has never happened. I've had hangover+fever that were terrible where my body felt like it was falling apart but this was nothing like that, this was frenetic not a lethargic-hangover kind of a experience.

    In the past it's happened when I have fever and am sleeping. I feel like I'm in a bubble or something strange (it's a very abstract dream-like feeling) and that it is closing in on me thereby causing me to feel like I'm being suffocated and I get panicky. The strange thing is that every time this has happened I have been semi-conscious (very similar to a dream-state i would guess, but definitely not awake) and I wake up with my heart racing with a vague recollection of what happened and the only way I can describe what happened ,in my semi-conscious state, in words is to say that it is a terrifying experience. But when I am awake everything is generally fine.

    Just yesterday though, the EXACT same thing happened except I was fully conscious and as such was panicking, I felt like I couldn't breath but people around me said I wasn't hyperventilating. I was sleeping and I had a fever and I woke up when the incident began to occur. I can't remember much of what happened except that although I spatially-oriented well enough to run around without bumping into anything, take off my shirt, look in the mirror, and hold my head I was spatially disoriented in a sense that I felt like I was being squashed, suffocated..again a very abstract feeling but this time I was vividly awake.

    It was the most terrifying experience of my life and I thought I was dying or losing my mind.

    I am going to consult other doctors but I would also like to know about any ideas anyone of you might have.

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    hi sid,

    i just found your post on the strange fever dream experience you had. - ive been meaning to research on my reoccurring childhood experience of sth very similar, and found your post here tonight.

    - did you get any answers ? - i was curious as i had this similar experience.
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    This sounds like a nocturnal panic attack which awakened you. Why do you think you had a fever?

    I would agree that the alcohol/pot may not have had much to do with this particular attack, but unfortunately, may be contributing to the problem. I have treated any number of patients whose condition was made worse by pot. If I were you I'd start a "diary" of sorts noting any possible correlations.

    One reason I ask about fever is that it may be an indication that the attack started well before you were awake, or way unlikely, is associated with some type of delerium. Any history in your family of panic attacks?
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    Hi there,

    my experience was in childhood and had othing to do with drug intake.

    throughout my childhood, mostly in combination with fever i had following terrifying and unreal experience: - i dreamt of huge massive bombs floating in space, hearing sounds like the ones you hear underwater of big boats (metal bending). inbetween these bombs there was a little house with perfect white picket fence and a table in the garden. - then i usually woke up and was completely conscious. my body however felt like it was made from hundrets of little cubes. i couldnt touch anything cause it would hurt me, and none could touch me for the same reason. while feeling like this i tried to explain to my parents what was happening. then usually i started having breathing problems as it felt like a cube was squeezing my throat... which forced me to throw up.

    i was in a complete state of panic, totally terrified as i was aware and conscious that i must be imagening things, talking with my mother and yet having those intense physical sensations.

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    I agree with denverdoc, also, I seem to be reading that these are occurring during febrile episodes, in which case, could the fever also be lowering your threshold for complex partial seizure? ( these types of seizures don't necessarily present with biting of tongue, incontinance etc.) but can present with a myriad of manifestations some of which may mimick psychiatric symptoms.
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    You shouldn't mix marijuana and alcohol: it is a bad mix and will make you sick.
    There are many people who have strange sensations when they fall asleep: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=159608

    If you think it is anything serious you should consult a doctor.
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