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I Few maths questions ..??

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    i have been trying to learn maths from some basics .. because i had to do programming related to maths which was in my college syllabus ...

    i have been trying to narrow it down .. because we lacked proper texts and materials to learn it properly ...

    the whole thing sort of looked a bit like this ...

    i was wondering about the difference between a differential equations and functions like f(x,y) =

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    Can we narrow this to "how would I recognize a differential equation if I were to encounter one"?
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    is it a differential equation ... ?? i am sorry i am new to differential equation too ...

    so its a bit like, function in one variable vs a function in two variables...

    i am not sure what to google to learn such functions ...
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    Nidum ,

    thanks for the link ...
    i have few more doubts ...
    the simple differential equations i have encountered .. sorts of looked a bit like this ...

    is this a function of one variable or two variables ... ??



    are these differential equations too ??
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    Differential equations are different from the algebraic equations you've earlier encountered. If you google "differential equations" I'm sure you'll find everything you could hope for.

    A differential equation might look like this: ##\color{blue}{\frac{dy}{dx}=x+3}##

    ##\frac{dy}{dx}## is a way of expressing the gradient of the curve, and this equation tells you the gradient of the curve as a function of x. There are an infinite number of curves whose gradients satisfy this equation, those curves being all identical except for their intercept on the y-axis. To specify exactly one of those curves, you just also need to indicate a point lying on it, any point will do.

    You have already encountered differential equations, though they were in disguise. Recall this equation of motion: ##v=v_{\scriptsize0}+at##, and remember that acceleration is ##\frac{∆v}{∆t}##,
    so the equation can be written as ##v=v_{\scriptsize0}+\frac{∆v}{∆t}t##,
    or using differentials, as ##v=v_{\scriptsize 0}+\frac{dv}{dt}t##.

    So differential equations are not totally new to you, even though this way of writing them is new.
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    thanks NascentOxygen ,

    very nice explanation ...

    the problem i was facing was that since i am not a native english speaker ...i don't always get the terminologies properly ... i might have to google terms like gradient and things like all that to understand what it really means in mathematics terms ...

    few more doubts ..
    i am basically trying to understand the difference between these two ..



    as for differential equations .. i have been making some notes for it in the last couple of days ..so i think i am a bit familiar with differential equations now ..
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    The gradient ##\frac{dy}{dx}## is the instantaneous change of y with respect to x
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    NascentOxygen ,

    thanks a lot ...
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