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Few Quick Questions

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    I just have a few quick questions. If I'm given an inital and final velocity how can I use that information to find the launch angle of the projectile? Secondly, having to also do with projectiles, what are the factors which determine how long an object is in projectile flight. I'm pretty sure that the initial velocity and perhaps the mass of the object do. I thought planet's acceleration due to gravity might also. Then I wasn't sure about radius of circular object (i.e. cannonball), or height of cliff - i dont think those could. Help would be appreciated!
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    1) You use vectors and kinematics.
    2) Initial velocity, drag, inclines, etc. (Why would the mass do anything? Yes the gravitational constant will obviously effect the time in the air.)

    I can't do your homework for you because then I would deprive you of some good stuff. If you want better answers you have to be more specific with questions and thoughts to their answers.
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