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Feynman diagram calculator

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    Can anyone recommend a good Feynman diagram calculator ?
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    You mean that gives you the expression corresponding to a Feynman diagram? Or one that generates Feynman diagrams for you?

    In both cases I know of some packages floating around, for example for Mathematica... when I was first introduced to calculations with Feynman diagrams I have also tried to find such software, but frankly so far I haven't found anything which beats manual calculation.

    I know that there is software that will do it though (if you want to numerically calculate two-loop corrections to some propagator in the Standard Model, anything beats manual calculation :smile:) although I suspect it is rather complicated and highly specialized.
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    CalcHEP (http://theory.sinp.msu.ru/~pukhov/calchep.html) will take you from the Feynman rules to calculations of cross sections, distributions, event generation etc. However, I suggest a tame theorist / phenomenologist to prepare models for you!
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    There exists a lot of codes, each of them having different strengths and weaknesses. Here are my preferred ones:

    MadGraph/MadEvent: http://madgraph.phys.ucl.ac.be/ (numerical code)
    FeynArts/FormCalc: http://www.feynarts.de/ (analytical or numerical code)
    WHIZARD: http://whizard.event-generator.org [Broken] (numerical code)
    CalcHEP/CompHEP: http://theory.sinp.msu.ru/~pukhov/calchep.html (numerical code)

    And if you want to derive Feynman rules from any Lagrangian or extract the corresponding model files for some of the codes above, you can use FeynRules: http://feynrules.phys.ucl.ac.be/


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