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Feynman diagrams in threads or latex

  1. Aug 13, 2005 #1

    I was wandering if anyone knew if the Feynman diagrams could be created in Latex or in threads like this?

    If not then maybe it would be an interesting development avenue...
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    try this site:
    http://hep-www.colorado.edu/~nlc/software/feyntex_ruddick.html [Broken]

    it should help.
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    thanks - how are you supposed to use these - are they latex only, I tried to make them on one of these pages and nothing came up...
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    Run it though your personal version of latex -- what you have on this site is only a small part of latex's mathmode. if you wish to include latex diagrams you can use dvipng.exe in your own latex package and attach the image.
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    alright - good to know, thanks!
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