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Feynman on PBS/BBC special

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    does anyone know where i can get a copy of this? i saw it a few years ago but didnt think to record it.
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    is this the one with his artist friend (i forget his name) and they teach eachother their vocations?
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    I think there is a short (a minute or two) interview with his artist friend. That friend also mentions about their trip to CERN.
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    That still sounds good, but i dont think thats what i saw. i dont remember anything about CERN. His children were also on the show and i think some waitress from the bar where he used to draw on the paper placemats.
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    Yes, that's the one. (About CERN) It's just an incident that the friend mentions. I think Chrisopher Sykes production made only one show on Feynman and that was the Horizons one. If you'd like confirmation, check out these clips (this is from the show I'm referring to).
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    Thanks a lot
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    Apparently, I was wrong about that one. May be you watched this...

    RICHARD FEYNMAN, theoretical physicist, Nobel laureate and explorer, and his friend and drumming partner RALPH LEIGHTON tell the extraordinary story of their love-affair with a strange and distant land in the centre of Asia
    BBC2 HORIZON Special/WGBH NOVA /45 mins

    Scroll down the page in the link that I gave earlier.
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    i knew i remembered somethine about Ulaanbattaar (sp?)....
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