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Feynman Original Work.

  1. Dec 29, 2012 #1
    There is a lot books written by Richard P Feynman. but Which one deals with his original work.
    I want to read that.If you have already read that then give some description also. Recently I read Maxwell Treatise on E&M. Book is Great but not readable for me.
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    There's a book called "Quantum Electrodynamics" by Feynman which contains some of his lectures and papers on QED, arranged into an overview of the subject. I haven't read it myself, but I know it's a graduate level textbook. If you haven't encountered quantum field theory, it would probably better to read a more complete modern introduction—such as the one by Peskin & Schroeder—before tackling Feynman's notes.
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    Feynman wrote a lot of stuff, but the 'Feynman Lectures on Physics' are his most famous (I think). Its' pretty good. It is an undergraduate text (his caltech physics course lecture notes I think) focusing on basic physics of radiation, E&M, quantum mechanics.
    There is also 'selected papers of Richard Feynman, with commentary' for the more advanced reader, but I haven't read it personally.
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    The Feynman Lectures on Physics is a comprehensive overview of standard undergraduate curriculum. It is not based on Feynman's own original research, which is what the OP is requesting.
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    Thanks for Reply.I found these.
    1.Quantum Electrodynamics
    2.QED:Strange Theory of Light and Matter.
    3.Selected Papers of Richard Feynman (with commentry).Edited by Lawrei Brown.
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    I've never checked but I assume many of his papers have been put online?
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    Also his notes on a course he gave at caltech on quantum gravity found their way to book form.
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